General Merchant Capital


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Merchant Funding

Q. How do I qualify for funding?

Q. How do you decide how much I can get?

Q. How soon can I get the money?

Q. What can I use the money for?

Q. Will a poor personal credit history keep me from getting funded?

Q. Do you take 100% of my credit and debit card sales?

Q. How often does forwarding occur?

Q. What is the interest rate?

Q. Do I have to change my processing?

Business Loans

Q. Which businesses qualify for a business loan?

Q. How much can my business get with a business loan?

Q. How long does the approval process take?

Q. Will you review the owner's credit history?

Q. Does the business owner need to pledge personal collateral?

Q. Can I get a start-up loan?

Q. Do I need to process credit cards to get a business loan?