General Merchant Capital

Business Loan

Most business types are eligible for our small business loans. The underwriting is flexible and your business does not have to accept credit cards to qualify. Our loans are set on terms ranging from 6 to 24 months and payments are made automatically.

Merchant Funding

Our merchant funding provides working capital to small businesses that accept credit cards. In exchange for cash that can be used immediately, businesses sell us a specific amount of their future credit and debit card receivables. Keep in mind that this is not a loan, so there is no timetable for repayment and no late fees.

Our Business Funding Process

General Merchant Capital provides a proven, reliable method of acquiring fast funding for your business. Our combination of competitive cost of funds and maximum flexibility during remittance has raised the bar in the world of short-term finance.

The funding process is simple:


First, download our application, fill it out, and submit it to us for approval. We can typically get underwriting offers in a few business hours and fund in less than one week.


Once your application is approved, a lump sum of cash is wired into your business’ checking account.


From here, the collection process is handled automatically. For our merchant funding program, a set percentage of credit and debit card receipts are forwarded and your card-sales volume determines the amount of each payment. For business loans, fixed payments are made automatically.